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What is ARASHÁ?

ARASHÁ is the best resort in Ecuador (2004-2014) and the best resort in South America (2013-2014) as qualified by “World Travel Awards”, London, UK.

Situated in a beautiful and friendly country, whose citizens welcome tourists with a broad smile and ready to assist when requested, for any sort of help necessary.

ARASHÁ is much more than an exotic tropical fruit; the resort is recognized and acclaimed internationally.

Located just two and half hours from Quito, amid the most biodiverse "hot spot" in the world. With its ecologically sensitive bungalows, ARASHÁ offers guests the possibility of being immersed in the richness and tranquility of this fragile region combined simultaneously with luxury and comfort in the middle of the rainforest.

From enjoying an aromatic anti-stress massage, participate in one of our ECO-WORKSHOPS, to prepare a delicious chocolate fondue, ARASHÁ is an experience that will delight every one of your senses.

Awarded several times by prestigious international tourism organizations, ARASHÁ has been recognized for its impeccable personalized service, exquisite dining and luxurious accommodations.

Once guests arrive, they will recognize why in ARASHA it´s possible to find the poetry of life in every corner of this enchanting paradise.

What is a Hot Spot? (Area of special features in flora and fauna)

A Hot Spot or glowing area is a unique place in the world characterized by high levels of flora and fauna which houses its environment. For a region to qualify as "Hot Spot" must meet two important and strict requirements:

Possess at least 1,500 endemic plant species.
Have lost about 70% of its original habitat.

Where is ARASHÁ?

ARASHÁ is located in the richest and most biodiverse "Hot Spot" in the world, with more than 35,000 species of plants (which constitute about 10% of the flora of the planet).

From this 35,000 species of plants, over 50% are endemic to the region, the area also contains the largest variety of amphibians in the world with 664 different species. In addition, it houses about 500 species of birds, many of which are endemic. In ARASHÁ, over 260 species of birds have been observed in its perimeter.

Almost 450 amphibian species are threatened and endangered. ARASHÁ is aware of this situation, and has implemented, conservation efforts.

How many Hot Spots are left in the world?

Very few, fortunately ARASHA is located in one of them for our satisfaction as well as the content of all of our guests. 

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Enjoy a varied menu and accompany it with a glass of wine, ice cold beer, or a delicious natural fruit juice.

Food is served A LA CARTE, from delicious Langostinos cooked in a volcanic stone to a hamburguer with mushroom sauce. Desserts galore, from French Crepes Suzette to a refreshing cup of ice cream of several flavors.


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Take the new cable cart across the Caoní River and access the primary rain forest with GIANT trees and a great variety of animals, plants and amphibians.

If you love water, this is the place for you. Admire waterfalls and spectacular scenery that will let you enjoy its majestuosity.

Want to leave home but you're an avid movie buff?, Arashá offers excellent daily functions cinema in our private theater.

If you like birds, you are a ornithologist or just enjoy watching their colors and graceful movements, we ensure you that not too far from your room you can see different types of species.

Have you ever played mini golf? The answer surely will be yes. But have you done it in the middle of the rainforest?.

If you like nightlife, Arashá has a dance club - karaoke for you to enjoy until dawn.

Chocolate workshop factory and rings workshop made of royal palm pit, which you make them yourself with the aid of one our entertainment guides; a ring which you will wear proudly maybe always.



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A wonderful spa with well trained personnel, with incredible rates and many treatments for your overall wellness. Many guests come to our resort and stay for several days just to enjoy a professional service; pamper yourself and recharge your energy.


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Convention Center

Arasha so far has set up three adequate saloons, with top technology of audio and video for presentations.

Please e-mail us your reservation, we will respond immediately.

Call to make your reservation: 2449-881 / 2254709 (office)
3900007 / 3900008 ( resort)


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